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Sajjid Mitha

Travelmango is a highly refined, luxury travel blog which is actively followed by over 50,000 HNIs from across South Asia and the Middle East. Chronicling the experiences of Sajjid and Laveena Mitha, a married couple who have been crazy in love for over 25 years, the blog features many of their exciting travels which over time, has gained them a very committed fan following.

Travel has long been a passion for both and Sajjid’s love for writing and photography and Laveena’s keenness to share their fabulous experiences with others has given birth to ‘Travelmango’, a blog that has opened doors of luxurious hospitality, unique wellness experiences, gastronomical affairs, remarkable world encounters and immense excitement to their readers.

Sajjid’s descriptive yet simple writing style has won Travelmango an impressive audience and has seen a few of his travel pieces carried in some leading magazines including the Vogue and L’officiel.

Many of the properties they have visited, including the Four Seasons, the Kempinski, the Ritz Carlton, the St Regis and the Taj group of Hotels, have recommended other hotels within their group to host the Mitha’s, given the encouraging and almost immediate responses from Travelmango readers.

Travelmango has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram.


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  1. As we all know that, we have only one life to do every thing, which is really not enough… but than the way you do your piece of art, I love it. I wish that you can do every thing you want to do and share you beautifull experience with us… God bless you…

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