Djuronaset – a Little gem on my Swedish journey!

I arrived in Stockholm a couple of days ago, a place I have been wanting to visit for the last ten years but never had the chance. So when I found a TBEX conference taking place here, in the summer, I jumped at the opportunity!

Tired and jet lagged from a 14 hour flight, I spent the first day finding my bearings! Glad I found Michael Taylor, a fellow TBEXer, and we spent the entire day walking around different parts of Stockholm to get a decent view of the city skyline!

Today I arrived in Djuronaset, about a 45 minute drive from Stockholm, and I’m so glad I made this trip! A bunch of us are staying at the Djuronaset hotel, a plush property nestled amidst nature.

Coming from Mumbai, a bustling city of close to 20 million, the solitude and the quietness is a bit eerie to me, yet very refreshing!

After perhaps what was the best hamburger I have ever had, we walked around the property and I had the chance to go on my first ever submarine tour, followed by about an hour of kayaking!

Sebastian and Lasse were extremely helpful as they effortlessly switched roles – from being submarine captains / enthusiastic tour guides to videographers for my YouTube travel series, Plush Places.

A three course dinner awaited me, as I scurried back to the hotel, with my tired body craving a nutritious meal, and the chef didn’t disappoint!

Although we leave soon after breakfast tomorrow, I can’t wait to explore the area around on a bike, and perhaps jump into the hot tub with a gorgeous view of the Baltic Sea!

I have never been so excited about waking up early on a Wednesday!

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