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Four Seasons Tented Camp

In October of 2011 we visited the all-inclusive, exquisite Four Seasons tented camp in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, just South of Burma and west of Laos.  We love the Four Seasons brand having experienced it in Bangkok, Kohsamui, ChiangMai, Chicago, Singapore, the Maldives and Mumbai and were not in the least bit worried about the service aspect of this adventure even though it was located in the infamous Golden triangle, once known for its opium trade. At the airport, we were greeted by the Four Seasons tented camp staff and were transported to the Ruak river where our magical journey to paradise began. From the moment the long tail boat set off along the muddy river toward the tented camp, we knew that this would be a holiday adventure like no other. The boat ride was a thrill in itself and as we went past the exquisite bamboo jungles, we began to see the camp tents in the distance, neatly tucked along the sides of a hill. Soon we reached our destination and were met by the super attentive and polite staff, so typical of the Four Seasons brand, who welcomed us with a drink at the Burma Bar, well-known for its stunning sunset views and amazing cocktails, often served in unique hand carved bamboo glasses.

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