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Je t’aime beaucoup Annecy

Our final leg of our summer vacation had us travel from the ski town resort of Chamonix to the sleepy alpine town of Annecy, in southeastern France. The town is located where the River Thiou meets Lac d’Annecy. Johnny Depp, the Hollywood heartthrob is believed to have fallen so in love with this romantic little French town that he purchased a beautiful home here.

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Picture Postcard adventures in Gruyere

The natural beauty of Gruyeres in hard to describe. Gruyères is a fascinating and pretty little medieval town, located in the upper valley of the Saane river, in the canton of Fribourg, in Switzerland.

We had visited the picture book town of Gruyere, with its rolling green landscape and the peaks of the Fribourg pre-Alps, a decade ago, on one of our many trips to Switzerland.

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Zhivago’s White Night

Ever since the end of the cold war in 1991, I was curious to see what lay behind the symbolic iron curtain. When I finally landed in the city by the Moskva river last week, I wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead. I was in Moscow for a 2 day conference, but I knew I had to make my limited time in this city count and I had to visit at least a few of the captivating architectural marvels this magnificent city had to offer.

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Strawberries, cherries and an Angel kissing spring

Last summer, after spending a week in Gais, in Switzerland’s charming Appenzeller region, Laveena and I took the train to Stein Am Rhein. We had plans to meet up with our friends from Germany, the effervescent and affable Lydia and Oliver Kirchel, a delightful couple we met in the Maldives in the late 90s and with whom we have toured different parts of the world including Scotland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany and France. We arrived at the station and almost as soon as we stepped out, in keeping with the well known reputation of German precision, our dear friends announced their arrival with a light honk of their car horn.

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