A Magic-Carpet ride to the enchanting culinary world of Maffy’s

Last Saturday, Laveena and I, along with my parents Razia and Munna, boarded a magic-carpet and glided into the enchanting world of Maffy’s, a quaint little Pan-Arabian restaurant located just steps away from the magnificent Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai.

Young Maffy, is a fictional character who travelled the world in search of a wide variety of gastronomical treasures. He found himself mesmerised by the lands stretching across the Mediterranean region, from where he collected secret epicurean recipes and ample victual inspiration.

With the finest of ingredients from the swarming spice bazaars of Marrakesh to the bustling lanes of Istanbul, from the busy streets of Jeddah to the vibrant markets of Damascus, the super talented executive Chef, Makarand re-created for us, the magic he embraced from Maffy’s travel tales. His acquired art was theatrically displayed on beautifully decorated plates, curated for us to relish.

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The ambiance at Maffy’s is casual and unpretentious. It has an easy feel of the Levant, which helped make our lunch feast all the more authentic. We started off with a rose petal infused water, a rather novel yet delicious way of teasing our comestible senses. Our taste buds now alive, we were ready to journey on an eclectic culinary adventure.

Kefta Red Hummus, Maffys dish, Maffys food menu, Maffys Kefta red hummus
Kefta Red Hummus
Kebab Kash Kash, Maffys Kebab Kash Kash, Maffys dishes, Maffys foos review
Kebab Kash Kash
Nutty Chocolate Falafel Kibbeh, Maffys Nutty Chocolate Falafel Kibbeh, Maffys food menu
Nutty Chocolate Falafel & Kibbeh

smoked hummus with spicy shrimp to a flaky crusted, Maffys dish reviews, Maffys food menu
smoked hummus with spicy shrimp to a flaky crusted

Over the next two hours, all four of us were served a delectable array of Mediterranean fare from smoked hummus with spicy shrimp to a flaky crusted, melt-in-the-mouth Dubai Samboosa, a Kebab Kash Kash and a nutty chocolate Falafel Kibbeh. We were convinced that everything we ate that afternoon, including the flavoursome desserts, came directly from the royal kitchens of the Ottoman Sultans.

Sajjid Mitha with Maffys staff, Maffys mumbai, Maffys reviews

Mumbai, this one is a rare gem, a delicious jewel in our maximum city’s culinary crown. Not to be missed.


Maffys Pan Arabian Bistro

• Location: Google Maps
• Address: 26, PJ Ramchandani Marg, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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14 comments on “A Magic-Carpet ride to the enchanting culinary world of Maffy’s”

  1. Place looks amazing with beautiful ambience and delicious food. I will surely visit there next time when I visit to Mumbai.

  2. The place looks so beautiful and amazing. And really spacious. I really love the food presentation and also it is looking so tempting and delicious

  3. OMG this looks so dreamy. I am totally in love with this place and what food yaar, looks sooper tempting. Wanna visit this place sooper soon

  4. Good to know about Maffy’s which has some amazing culinary delicacies . The images of hummus looked so tempting, would certainly try this soon .

  5. I love restaurants which such thoughtful marketing ideas! The food seems quite delicious as well. Must visit!

  6. The food presentation is really beautiful. And it looks so tempting and delicious. The decor and ambiance is looking beautiful and really spacious.

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