Hijacked by an insensitive Jet airways

Laveena and I were excited about our Easter weekend plans in Dubai. We were booked on the Jet flight 9W 542, scheduled to depart at 0920 hours from Mumbai on Thursday April 2nd.

As boarding time neared we walked to our gate and waited. A short while later a heavily accented announcement indicated a delay due to bad weather conditions in Dubai.

The new time on the airline departure display monitor showed 10:20. I ordered my second Americano and had a second breakfast as my eyes repeatedly redirected to the monitor to keep a check on the new departure time. At 09:45, it said boarding. Laveena and I walked to the gate, surprised that Jet had started boarding just 35 minutes before the scheduled departure. Once on board, the captain announced that due to VIP movement, there would be a further delay and that we were number 4 in line for take off. He added, that dust storms in the Middle East was the prime cause for the initial delay and that we would be airborne soon. The captain also said that ATC at Dubai was yet to give us clearance to land, but he was hopeful that the 3 hour flight time would resolve this issue.

As we neared Dubai, the captain once again made an announcement that visibility was down to 50 meters and that the flight had to be diverted to Muscat. At this point I did pull up my window shade and noticed that what was usually supposed to be a sea of blue and whites, was clearly a thick cloud of light brown dust. I was glad our flight was being diverted. All along the passengers remained calm as this, was an Act Of God and the airline was simply following directions keeping the safety of it’s passengers in mind.

We landed in Muscat and were told that since several flights had been diverted, the unscheduled stopovers resulted in a crowded airport. We hence taxied to a remote bay and would have to wait until the ground staff boarded the aircraft with further instructions. At this time we believed that our arrival into Dubai would be delayed by 2 maybe 3 hours. I called my brother Aiyaz in Dubai who confirmed that he hadn’t seen a storm of this intensity in his 25 years in Dubai. However, thankfully he said that the dust seemed to be settling and that two or three aircrafts had landed in Dubai in the last 15 minutes. Good news, which brought a smile to our faces.

Here is where our ordeal began. An hour on the tarmac and no ground personnel had boarded the aircraft. I put my window shade up and noticed an Air Arabia flight pulling up near us. Within minutes a Shell fuel tanker drove up and Oman air ground staff assisted in re-fuelling the Air Arabia air craft. This got me thinking, “ hey that’s unfair, we were here first.” Our captain didn’t seem to mind cause he continued to give us the silent treatment. The cabin crew had no information either. Two hours later, still nothing. Passengers started to get restless and hungry. Little children began to cry. Since this was a turnaround flight, lunch had been loaded from Mumbai for passengers who were to have boarded at Dubai. The captain asked for this lunch to be served to us, which immediately made us realise that we were to be here for at least another hour. As lunch was served, I was getting more and more unnerved as the Air Arabia flight was refuelled and ready to leave and the Jet Airways ground staff had not even approached our aircraft yet.

More than 3 hours later, the captain announced that since we were parked in a remote bay, a ladder could not be provided nor could refuelling take place. I knew this was untrue as I had watched the incident with Air Arabia where both the ladder and the fuel had been provided in a hurry. It made me wonder, did this have something to do with India’s relations with Oman or was it a Jet Airways problem due to pending parking charges or other payment issues. Several children were now crying and were increasingly getting restless. A few passengers marched up to the cabin crew and demanded an explanation. They had nothing to share and passengers began to complain that this felt like a Hijack.

Anyway, we did finally taxi to a parking spot closer to the main airport, where almost four hours after touching down at Muscat International Airport, a mobile stairway was brought to our aircraft and the doors were opened. There was an almost immediate rush of passengers to breath some fresh air. A few passengers suffering from claustrophobia were feeling faint and begged to be granted permission to walk on the tarmac. They were brashly warned by the insensitive Jet Airways ground staff that the local police would be called if they put their foot on Muscat soil. At this time, word spread hastily through the cabin, on the prompting of one of the cabin crew that the flight was being sent back to Mumbai.

This decision defied logic and questioned the safety standards of Jet Airways. The crew had possible been up since 730 am and were in service since a little after 10:30 am. We had flown for over 3 hours and were on the ground for almost five now. And another 3 hours back to Mumbai. Was it safe for the captain to fly us back. When we had met him, his eyes looked bloodshot convincing us that he may have dosed off in the cockpit while awaiting news and some action from the Muscat ground staff. Would not a 25 minute flight to Dubai make better sense given how tired he looked? Would this not be a safter option? Calls to friends and family in Dubai had confirmed that other flights were now landing as the dust storm had settled. The Jet Airways ground staff in Muscat however lied that no flights were landing into Dubai due to the sandstorm. Despite passengers insisting this was untrue, the Jet ground staff stood their ground, lied and insisted that according to the information they had, flights were still being diverted to other destinations. A crew member on being probed said that since we had missed our landing slot, Jet would have to pay a hefty premium to fit in a new one. Completely heartless and inconsiderate toward the current plight of the passengers, the new flight plan to Mumbai was handed over and efforts to convince the ground staff to take us to Dubai fell on deaf ears. A few tired and frustrated senior citizens raised their voices and insisted we be flown to Dubai. Ladies were also present in this united call to be flown to the destination all had paid for. The hard hearted ground staff once again threatened the passengers saying that they would call the local police if the they failed to quieten down. I thought this to be terribly inappropriate, inconsiderate and an unnecessary response to the very genuine heartfelt requests. We were told that the Jet staff in Mumbai would address all our concerns and we would be appropriately compensated, given a full ticket refund or given priority to board the next Jet flight to Dubai.

As we readied to leave, what disturbed us was the fact that Jet had failed to load any food for the passengers in Muscat while the toilets and cabin were also not cleaned.

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The captain shortly announced that on behalf of the airline he was sorry and that we were to return to Mumbai. The flight time he said would be a little under 3 hours. As we taxied down the runway, there were no safety checks carried out by the now exhausted crew. Seats remained in the reclined position, window shades were down, movies were being watched on iPads and seat belts were not buckled. I couldn’t help but think that if this was an international airline, passengers would use this as a valid enough reason to sue the airline. Once the sign for the seat belts was turned off, we were served a tiny bag of savouries, with Omani water. We found the crew to be kind and considerate, however the tiredness and extreme frustration could be seen on their faces as they said that they too had hoped for a lay over in Dubai. All along we were assured that we shouldn’t worry as Jet ground staff in Mumbai would offer us a solution to make up for the many unfortunate incidents of the day. While most passengers we spoke with obviously accepted the sandstorm as the will of God, they were mighty upset with the indifferent and callous attitude of the Jet ground staff at Muscat who had indeed treated passengers as if they had hijacked the aircraft.

We landed in Mumbai at 10:30 pm, more than 12 hours after we had boarded. No safety checks were carried out prior to landing either. When the doors opened, there was no senior staff member waiting to see us. A single ground staff member who did meet us said that the duty manager would meet us at immigration. When we arrived at immigration, no one was present. At this time, tempers were running high and irate passengers could not believe the lack of empathy and the total irresponsibility of the airline.

Dubai, Jet Airways, Jet Airways supervisor, Jet flight, Jet flight 9W 542, Muscat, desert storm dubai,

In recent months, many I know have complained about how the service standards of Jet have been on a rapid decline. I witnessed it first hand on this trip and was appalled. Anyway, almost 20 minutes after landing, the duty manager approached us. We politely asked to be put onto the next flight to Dubai, to which she responded, that no such arrangements had been made. We were then told that we would have to check with the jet counter at the airport as to which flight would be able to accommodate us. Extremely frustrated we decided to cancel our trip and return home. An obnoxious Jet Airways supervisor met us at the duty free section. We had to find her as she showed no interest in approaching us. She was unapologetic and clearly didn’t seem to have a hint of training in the service industry as she was curt, inconsiderate, thoughtless, thick-skinned and utterly rude. When I tried to take her picture to complain about her stony attitude, she put up her hand and simply walked away.

It takes a lot to make me angry, but seeing how Jet reacted to our situation, had me seething. We walked to the Jet counter, where a staff member wrote down our PNRs and said that we would get a full refund. When I asked for her to confirm this in writing, she said her supervisor wouldn’t allow it. When I asked for her supervisor, the same heartless lady showed up, like she was doing us an immense favour and simply said, “ you will get your refund, now please leave.” Never have we been treated so poorly by an airline. I feel terrible for those who had family to visit and connecting flights to catch to the west. All in all it was an experience which saddened me greatly as even a young girl with cerebral palsy on our flight was not given any special treatment, while young children and senior passengers were treated with equal callousness.

Jet has fallen in the eyes of every passenger on flight 9W 542 as they put self above all else and were more concerned about saving their money than about the well being of their passengers.

We for one will never fly Jet ever again.


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107 comments on “Hijacked by an insensitive Jet airways”

nikhil says :
06 Apr 2015 09:12 IST
Sajjid, I fully empathize with you and the other families who suffered on this unfortunate flights. Even we are also beginning to feel that some airlines are taking it's passengers for granted and their is no service left in the service industry. This situation would have been tackled by Jet quite efficiently seeing their brand value(not anymore) and ethics that they used to boast earlier. I think it's the attitude of people who are working in Airlines that's creating such environment. Lack of sufficient staff, low salaries, low qualified,and untrained staff add to woes of customers these days. once I was shocked to know that an air hostess for airlines only need to be 10+2! how do u imagine such people understanding the demographic of such an important service industry. Anyways God bless us and we can just hope that things should improve someday.
Sajjid Mitha says :
06 Apr 2015 11:26 IST
In reply to nikhil
Thank you Nikhil.
Anurag says :
06 Apr 2015 12:02 IST
In reply to nikhil
10+2 is not the deciding factor on how hospitable a crew member can be. I would also like to tell you that to become an Airline Transport Pilot License holder [which the Capt of this aircraft must have had], one needs to have a minimum qualification of 10+2 only. Go figure!
Hena Shah says :
07 Apr 2015 11:26 IST
In reply to nikhil
Hi Sajjid. I was on the same flight. A family of 4. How can we connect? Need to discuss! Hena Shah here
eapenjj says :
06 Apr 2015 11:20 IST
Jet probably had an issue with the cost of fuel in Muscat but once again keeping the customer statisfied is priority. They could have diverted to another airport, de-planed and provided passengers with suitable accomodation or lounge facilities until a decision to proceed to Dubai was made. You should post your comments to the Jet Airways facebook page, if you already haven't done so. I am very active in aviaiton forums (have my pilots license but do not fly for any airline) and will post your article in the DGCA facebook group and also on a pilot's forum. Thank you for sharing and I hope Jet improves the way they treat customers. It's good that airlines such as Vistara have come into the picture and will defintely be a threat to Jet in the near future.
Sajjid Mitha says :
06 Apr 2015 11:25 IST
In reply to eapenjj
Thank you. Appreciate your assistance. I am in touch with someone in charge of Guest Experiences but have yet to receive any valid response.
samit says :
06 Apr 2015 12:13 IST
Hiii Sajjid, Not exactly similar but even I was very disappointed by the service provided by Spice jet while flying Mumbai - Delhi. They charged me extra for no reason with a rude reply saying " Or else you can leave". The ground staff are generally like that, even I decided never to fly Spice jet again...Can understand your pain, anger and frustration. Had shared your post on my FB as want it reach many.
anonperson says :
06 Apr 2015 12:19 IST
While i completely empathize with you and feel sorry for the ordeal you and your co-travelers went thru, you cannot, just cannot, take a photo of someone against their will, esp when they are merely puppets working on behalf of the management. I fully understand the frustration of flying so much and getting no where but it doesn't warrant getting personal with the staff. You could take it up with their management perhaps, Bcz it's the decision makers who need to answer not the hapless ground crew. I dont mean to lecture you, its just my opinion. Good luck and I hope you get a satisfactory answer
Ocean says :
06 Apr 2015 14:55 IST
In reply to anonperson
If the said person is a puppet, they should not be interacting with customers in the first place. When the airline is breaking all the rules of law and decency why should the weary passengers be expected to play by the rules?
makak led says :
06 Apr 2015 20:51 IST
In reply to anonperson
Of course you can take their picture! They are representatives of the airline, and if they are acting badly, you have every right to get their name and picture to pass that along. They are there to provide a service to you - which you have paid for. They must accept that responsibility at all levels - regardless of whether they are just a puppet or senior management.
GS says :
06 Apr 2015 13:49 IST
Sorry to hear about ur experience. Unfortunately flight crew do not have much power on schedules. The reason flight returned to Mumbai was that it was to do another sector. Airlines in India r now run by schedule planners and accountants. Customer service has taken a back seat. There is a reason why emirates is defacto national airline for intl travel.
Sajjid Mitha says :
06 Apr 2015 14:03 IST
In reply to GS
I do see your very valid point and agree she was merely doing her job on direction from the management. However it was her attitude which was appaling and totally inexcusable given what the passengers had experienced. I had even photographed the duty manager, but chose not to carry her picture as she showed ample sympathy towards the plight of the passengers.
Ocean says :
06 Apr 2015 14:53 IST
The passengers should exchange contact details and collectively taken Jet Airways to court.
enidhi says :
06 Apr 2015 15:54 IST
This is bad.
pritmann says :
06 Apr 2015 16:04 IST
Reblogged this on Eat. Drink. Travel. Love. and commented: Boycotting Jet Airways 2 years ago was the BEST DECISION EVER!
pritmann says :
06 Apr 2015 16:07 IST
Only fly Singapore Airlines now.
Shahkar Abidi says :
06 Apr 2015 16:13 IST
Hi Sajjid, I am a journalist with dna newspaper in Mumbai. Its sad that you and so many other passengers including children, women and senior citizens had to face such horrendous time while traveling to Dubai. I believe the case deserves to be brought open in public. I can be contacted on my email id: shahkar23@gmail.com. Cell no: 09892197133
natasham says :
06 Apr 2015 17:00 IST
That is absolutely crazy and Jet needs to up their game! I flew Jet from London to HK last year and on the return, we boarded the flight in HK and then didn't take off for over 2 hours. The ac wasn't on and it was stifling. After an hour they served some drinks and nuts but everyone was getting really antsy. First they said there was a problem with the engine, then they said the technicians wouldn't get there for an hour. I was so sure I was going to miss my connection to London (but they held that flight). Although I was glad they held it (for my sake), I did think about all the other passengers getting on in Mumbai who had no reason to be delayed. Given that Jet is one of India's largest carriers, they really need to bring themselves up to international standards. I flew with them from Sri Lanka to Mumbai last week and the flight was over 4 hours delayed because it didn't leave from Mumbai on time and they told us nothing...we just had to wait!
Johnny Schroff says :
06 Apr 2015 17:34 IST
Just fly Emirates to Dubai. Don't waste your time with these other bullshit airlines.
Vinee says :
06 Apr 2015 17:36 IST
Lol.Totally understand how frustrating it would have been for you and for the rest of the people who were treated in this manner.I belong to the Jet hate club.I had received shoddy and rude attitude just once from one of them and I decided to ban it completely from my travels.I am glad I did it and been loyal to star alliance ever since.Also have been hearing how their standards have been lowering year on year from my near ones.I have the same advice for everyone only put your money on any other airline than Jet.
Inderjit Singh says :
06 Apr 2015 18:25 IST
Jet Airways suck !
Rajesh says :
07 Apr 2015 01:41 IST
Amazed Jet does not monitor the Internet for items such as these and step in to respond! Actually not a,axed, they are running true to type!
vivek b says :
07 Apr 2015 01:42 IST
Sorry to hear your plight Sajjid. This is a very upsetting experience. To cancel an entire holiday is a colossal loss as well as a huge disappointment. Last week I returned from Paris by Jet and also felt something was amiss. I did not experience the standards I normally do with other airlines.
Mihir says :
07 Apr 2015 02:23 IST
i have experienced one of he most insensitive behaviours with jet and they don't bother. Ground staff in particular are the worst to deal with. I am so happy to see that you have taken time to put this together and I'm sincerely hoping jet does something about it. Wake up call for Mr Goyal, Mrs Goyal and all the star board members of jet including shabana Azmi who very passionately gets involved in the services of jet!! I'm waiting to know what their response will be
Imraan Surve says :
07 Apr 2015 03:12 IST
Sajjid - I am horrified at the ordeal Lavina, you and all the other passengers had to endure. God is kind that no one fell ill due to claustrophobia or anxiety while sitting on the tarmac at Muscat. Jet Airways needs to get it's act together big time.
Asha R says :
07 Apr 2015 03:57 IST
Jet really is dangerous tonfly with. There is one Captain named Zubin Major he suffered from stroke 2 years ago. As per DGCA standards its reason for permanent grounding for such crew however just because he happens to be son of retired air chief marshal fali major; he was given fitness certificate in no time and he is flying again. Its really a ticking timebomb waiting to explode.
Agony says :
07 Apr 2015 05:34 IST
Its the country, the same you fly Etihad, or Emirates, Cathay Pacific you are well treated in any situations. Its the problem with India aircraft transportation, most of the pilots and cabin crew are paid less and work more hours, they are not happy with their job and in turn the frustration is been vented on the passengers. Someone talking about 10+2, aye your sound your from IIM, not impressive. You don't need to be educated in life to be a good human. So in india the problem remains with competition, population, 75% of people are working and doing stuff in their life which is out of desperate and no other option, they are not happy with what they are doing, and this in turn is affecting job and the society.
shameen quadros says :
07 Apr 2015 06:06 IST
Even m quite annoyed with their service..oct 2014 my family had made a trip to dubai its was hot in d aircraft..they had no temperature control..flight was at 5am dubai time they served breakfast aftr 1 n half hour havings kids on d flight who have bn up since 3am.. not jus that I had also booked tickets with them for me n my 2 kids for march 9th 2015 dubai to mumbai I travelled on 14th feb in emergency bcoz of medical reasons..jet airways dint have the courtesy to give me a refund jus bcoz it was a non refundable ticket. .
Vishal says :
07 Apr 2015 06:16 IST
Horrible.. Seems even worse than Air India, where I have twice had flight delays because the crew got stuck in a traffic jam, or got late for the flight.
DhilipSiva says :
07 Apr 2015 06:31 IST
I just checked Jet Airways Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jetairways The comment posted in most of their posts are Negative. Man, I would never travel in Jet Airways.
Kamalendra Singh. says :
07 Apr 2015 06:40 IST
Selfish Airlines... Some Incident happened with me too, From that day i stopped using JET AIRWAYS. I Pray to god that they soon get Bankrupt.
Mehul Bansal says :
07 Apr 2015 06:45 IST
Everything boils down to no fear of action that can be taken against them. Firstly We passengers don't have time to take actions. If we have time to take actions, There is no proper way that makes sure some action will be taken. It's all a monopoly and luck that If you reach safely you are fortunate, If not then it was a bad day. They serve you, not serve you. They are healthy not healthy doesn't matter. We are not only people who travel. They have thousands other passengers who if get cheap flight tickets will again fly with Jet Airways because there is no assurance that other flights won't do this. Everyone is the same because There is no FEAR in them.
GP says :
07 Apr 2015 06:52 IST
I have been a regular flier with jet over the last 3 years, with a flight at an average of every 45 days, between Dubai & Mumbai. The level of service has been going down steeply with every flight over the last 2 years. Luggage not arriving in Mumbai (reason given is that they were over booked and luggage was over the safety limit for take off, this has happened twice in two consecutive flights, without any compensation), seat backs not in proper condition, they cannot be either reclined or set upright, TV sets not working are just some of the issues that they have. It seems that all they are concerned about is the cash from these sectors such as DXB-MUM. Passenger comfort and safety are not a priority. It has come to a point where Jet Airways is no longer my preferred airline...such a Pity as it was very good when i started using it...
eCommonMan says :
07 Apr 2015 07:14 IST
First, it's really sad that all of those passengers had to go through a tough time! However, having flown Jet Airways to their middle east sector, my experience of Jet Airways isn't any better. They behave like they are still a local airline and the mentality has never changed. Flights are not of international standards although they fly to international airports! Food isn't good, the ground staff and at the counter are rude, continuous change of departure time, etc. Importantly, I guess we Indians treat ourselves so badly; whether it is within India are overseas. If you look at the boarding gates (even at the US/UK, etc.) of other airlines and compare with the India carriers, you will see a huge difference! Even the passengers behave badly and so are the airline staff, which is very unlike of foreign carriers! While the (Indian) passengers rush to board the flight as well as get out! We can hardly get out of the "queuing" behavior—in India we queue up almost everywhere! And we carry that wherever we go and demonstrate a bit of uncivilized behavior! Bottom line is, Jet Airways as a company and at all level needs a major overhauling!
Vikalp says :
07 Apr 2015 07:16 IST
Sandeep says :
07 Apr 2015 07:18 IST
Jet is in pathetic stage after Etihad invested in it! The plan is to kill Jet Airways product and just use the flying rights for Etihad's advantage...I pity the plight of Jet Airways shareholders who doesn't know the game plan. Once you take money from anyone, you are at their mercy and that exactly whats happening to the airline. Jet will only go from bad to worse as thats the plan, and in between they'll declare a quarterly profit to entice Indian share holders to invest! Its a fraud activity in every sense, and Mr Subraminan Swamy has raised it up but everyone is paid to keep mouths shut. My only advise is to exit Jet shares if anyone has it, as Etihad has taken full control of the airline in all sense, and Jet will be taken for a ride. Naresh Goyal exited Jet and took his money out, and Etihad has given a mansion for him in Dubai to keep his mouths shut and be inactive.
CK says :
07 Apr 2015 07:25 IST
I am not surprised , have heard horror stories about jet before. Are you tweeting this??
Gaurav says :
07 Apr 2015 08:08 IST
I am sorry about your experience. Please consider taking this up with the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Center : ncdrc.nic.in This approach has worked in the past for my family. And please repost your article as far and wide as possible. All the best!
BV says :
07 Apr 2015 08:22 IST
This is shocking to hear about, its best to travel on Emirates on international routes as they take Customer service and complaints very seriously. Very glad to note that these incidents are made public and action should be taken.
Nick says :
07 Apr 2015 09:07 IST
This kind of service is absolutely not accepted by an international airline, and on top the airline crue is rude. Such behaviour should be comllained to the regulators of airlines along with the details of the pssendlgers. And the airline needs to pay not only for the ticket but also have to ccmoensate for tge ordeal they have caused to customers. Such incident should not be taken lightely, coz if taken likely, it obvious that they will repeat such behaviours with ither passengers on a regular basis. We are pying for their services and not for harresment.
gurprrietsiingh says :
07 Apr 2015 09:31 IST
Absolutely terrible. Time after time.I don't fly Jet Airways anymore. Although sadly enough I am locked in and have a lot of miles on them. Here's my own blogpost: https://joyandlife.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/how-the-mighty-jet-airways-have-fallen/
Vishal K says :
07 Apr 2015 09:48 IST
Sitting at CDG, Paris, reading this article on Jet Airways and dreadful of catching Jet Airways for the first time, in the next 5 hours. On a very tight schedule, lets hope things go well...
Sajjid Mitha says :
07 Apr 2015 09:51 IST
In reply to Vishal K
All will be well and you will have a wonderful flight Vishal.
Ashok says :
07 Apr 2015 10:20 IST
Jet is a subsidiary of Etihad . Etihad , needs the crafts , landing rights in India and some of the staff . Jet as a company may just fold up. Watch this space . Lack of training , empathy , procedures and safety - sound like u r talking about the healthcare industry , of which , I am a part of . INDIANS DONT CARE FOR INDOANS AND ACTUALLY NOBODY BUT THEIR PHYSICAL SELVES . There may a fee of a different shape and size , by and large , we r a sardine country , to live and die as one . Acceptance will avoid any disappointment in the future . Subh chintak
Dexter says :
07 Apr 2015 10:27 IST
Reblogged this on Dirty Minds and commented: I suffered something similar on my way to Chennai.
Soubhik Mitra says :
07 Apr 2015 10:37 IST
Hi Sajjid, I am an air travel reporter with one of the leading newspapers in India. I'd be interested in finding out what exactly went wrong with the flight. Lets connect.
Sajjid Mitha says :
07 Apr 2015 10:57 IST
In reply to Soubhik Mitra
You may send me your co-ordinates on sajjid@polymerupdate.com
Balu ganapathy says :
07 Apr 2015 10:48 IST
Hi, I am frequent flier in Jet Airways & Indigo, This is eye opening for me to avoid Jet Airways. In fact, I had better flying comforts in Indigo than Jet Airways. Good luck to Jet airways.
AJ says :
07 Apr 2015 10:51 IST
Hi I'm not surprised reading this. I had a similar experience with Jet Back in 2010 . I won't get into details now. We faced the same attitude from the staff. Their flights were delayed, we missed our connecting flight and they gave us attitude
Agony says :
07 Apr 2015 10:58 IST
Here comes another big problem in India the MEDIA, to make a mess of an issue.. dude please report something which is true if you are..
aditiverma24 says :
07 Apr 2015 12:19 IST
This is a truly horrendous experience. I can't believe an airlines treating its passengers so terribly. After reading this, I shall never fly by Jet Airways again. What a terrible airlines!
aditiverma24 says :
07 Apr 2015 12:21 IST
Reblogged this on Aditi Verma and commented: What a terrible experience of flying with Jet Airways!
Ranjith says :
07 Apr 2015 12:29 IST
Jet airways is the most paethetic airline I have ever flown, I am a resident of Dubai n I had to fly down to Delhi to bring back some medication for my wife. Since it was an IV injection the same had to be kept refrigerated at all times. When I expressed this concern to the cabin crew from Dubai to Delhi they asked me to contact the ground staff in Delhi. When I did the same at the Delhi airport there was this absolutely misinformed lady at the counter who kept running to her supervisor for everything that I asked. The supervisor, a fat obnoxious woman who refused to get up from her seat kept saying no without even turning around & I could see in the reflection of the glass that she was playing solitaire on her PC. When I got furious & insisted that I want to talk to her she bluntly answered me saying that she wasn't trained to answer these kind of questions & that she had no clue whether the aircraft had a chiller or not. (well lady looking at you it's quite obvious coz by playing solitaire u don't learn much) Now how is it possible for an airline not to have chiller on board & yet serve me ice with my drinks. When I asked her to call the engineering dept to confirm the same, she refused n insisted I call the call centre. If a ground staff cannot pick up n ask a query to the eng dept why would the call centre who r sitting in some godforsaken place answer these queries of mine. Frustrated I threw the ticket at them n asked them for an immediate cancellation & in front of them I called EMIRATES. Now what a heaven & hell difference it was, the EMIRATES person on the other end immediately said that they would be glad to carry the injection on board & they have a refrigerator on board. She also mentioned that since I will be traveling to the airport by road & may end up spending atleast 2-3 hours before boarding the aircraft, it's better I carry a small ice box with dry ice not exceeding 2 kilos, she said as per airline regulation a passenger is allowed to carry upto 2 Kgs of dry ice in person. She mentioned that the moment I'm on board I should hand over the injection to the cabin crew n they will return it to me while disembarking. NOW THATS CALLED KNOWLEDGE, now that's called giving perfect information to passengers & that is excellent customer service. NOT LIKE THE OBNOXIOUS STAFF OF JET AIRWAYS. I swore that day never to fly jet in my life & I have informed every single person I know never to fly jet.
Anoop says :
07 Apr 2015 12:34 IST
You need to have a twitter share button so i can share this article on the cheap and appaling service of Jet.
AshaN says :
07 Apr 2015 13:11 IST
Please Jet, scrap the Wrap - it's disgusting and insulting to get that inedible 'thing' with a cup of water as a meal...everything else, I can tolerate!
Nikita vinaykar says :
07 Apr 2015 16:06 IST
I completely agree with you and as been frequently experienced of the unprofessional behaviour of BOmbay ground staff, this upload of your blog is a slap on their face... Jet staff in Mumbai has always been this rude even to people travelling as crew. The crew of that flight has been completely impressed with this write up of yours. I support you.
Jay says :
07 Apr 2015 16:35 IST
I did not know if I was going to write this but, looking back, I should and I am. I was booked, Business Class on Jet Airways on the JET AIRWAYS - 9W 227 on TUE 30APR 2013 NEWARK to MUMBAI I was travelling as always to see my aged mother who was 97 yrs old. This trip was a no different than other, a son visiting his Mother. Just a week before my departure I was intimidated by my Sister that my Mothers health had taken a bit of a downward spiral an if I could be there on the 25th of APR just in case she did not get better. Knowing there would be a change fee, I felt it would be justified for me to pay as the situation was grim and me being the only Son, to be by my Mother’s side. I contacted my Travel agent who had booked the ticket to change my travel dates and to let me know what I would have to pay, To my surprise and dismay, he came back to me with not only a change fee, but a fare basis difference fee for the earlier flight. This was almost half of what I had paid for the full round trip ticket, and I asked him to convey to Jet Airways to forgo, the Fare basis difference under the circumstance. Jet Airways conveyed that they would rather fly with an empty seat than to have me on Board(it implied that, as they refused to make an exception for me). I paid the fare demanded by them and when on Board did find 2 empty seats on the flight. I made it to Mumbai and was glad that I did for my Mother spent her last 3 days on Earth with her Only Son, Me. I am glad Jet Airways got to make some money off the misery of others and I know for sure the will never have me as a customer ever again.
Raj says :
07 Apr 2015 16:42 IST
Jet has one of the rudest and impolite ground staff I have ever come across. Especially at Mumbai airport. With an unfortunate experience 18 months back leaving a bad taste about the airline, I have ensured I never travel on Jet. Won't mind paying extra to avoid Jet for foreseeable future.
Sabeena says :
07 Apr 2015 16:58 IST
I'm not surprised with Jet Airway's behaviour having gone through the same with them not once but twice! Their ground staff is rude, obnoxious and completely inconsiderate of their passenger's safety or convenience. I've had an ugly incident with them at Heathrow airport and once at Mumbai...I wonder how airlines like these continue to secure their licences despite of operating under such poor conditions and so many unhappy passengers. We've tried complaining but in vain...turning a blind eye to such repeated episodes is not the solution but I wonder what is!
meraj says :
07 Apr 2015 18:25 IST
Jet air is now transforming bad to worse! Although I am a GOLD member but now I feel it is useless to pay more then other airlines for a pathetic services. Last month I was traveling from Bangalore to Mumbai I found a sharp edge glass in my meal. Then after I completely stopped eating in jet airways flights. New staff is completely clueless to handle if there is any unpleasant situation arise. God bless Jetairways.
shrey14072000 says :
07 Apr 2015 20:03 IST
In reply to meraj
A great article - I really empathise with you and hate Jet! Would you be interested in reading a 14 year old's (mine!) blog about finance and economics? I'm only a beginner so all shares and follows are much appreciated :) The URL: shreysfinanceblog.com
Domnic says :
07 Apr 2015 18:43 IST
jet airways is over for me too...i think evyone shud knw...passengers r taken for granted n no proper feedback is given to them...i was a passenger frm dubai waitin for the same flight to go to mumbai. Staff knowin the fact, dey need to inform n convince us, dey r vanished
seema bootwala says :
07 Apr 2015 19:47 IST
Great article Sajjid. I feel your agony. We faced something similar while on our flight to Goa.
gansubbaiah says :
07 Apr 2015 20:09 IST
What a shame! I'm tweeting this. https://twitter.com/gansubbaiah/status/585532606445441025 #ShameOnJetAirways
Jim J Tharayil says :
07 Apr 2015 20:51 IST
Folks you've all heard the Mumbai to Dubai version. Let me tell you the Dubai to Cochin version. It's no better at all. Passengers were lined up, cleared immigration only to be told just before boarding that they could not fly due to the weather. Understood and agreed. So what's the alternative arrangements once weather clears up? "Please give us your contact numbers and we will let you know!" came the answer from the ground staff. No such call came. A number that was given as contact number for Jet Airways might as well have been for a call centre in Mars. Zero activity or response. That evening back at Jet Airways office again have no results or hope. Even though flights were taking off, the 9 hour duty regimen of the crew prevented any further exertions. Fair enough. But is there another crew coming in for the aircraft or are you leaving it here was the question. No answer. I certainly don't know where the plane again and crew went. Next day morning was no better. No priority on the DXB to COK. Instead a suggestion of going to Mumbai and try for domestic flight from thereon. No guarantees there either and judging by the response of the Jet Airways staff elements here, I figured I would get a better response from a Door Know. This is he second instance of Jets Arrogance. Folks the answer is simple avoid Jet Airways period
Umaima says :
07 Apr 2015 22:00 IST
My cousin travelled Jet to Dubai and she was blackmailed at the airport by the ground staff into paying an additional Rs 2000. The staff at the check in counter actually told her she cannot carry her laptop on board, which is a complete lie, and she would have to pay that amount. If she refused to pay, she would be offloaded, was the threat that was made, because she was going to attend a business conference. She paid the amount but unfortunately did not have the presence of mind to take a pic. Or rather, was afraid of losing her ticket and flight is she made a noise. Such illegal activities go unchecked, and I wonder why.
Ashlee says :
08 Apr 2015 01:17 IST
So sorry for your experience! I currently am locked in a battle with Jet myself. I made the extreme mistake of booking a ticket with them, because it was the cheapest, and they lost my luggage. I've been in India for almost 11 weeks now, and have yet to receive the day pack that was clipped into my larger backpack. Despite the fact that I have repeatedly explained that this bag contains my very much needed contact lenses, all I ever get from their staff is, "please be patient, ma'am." Certainly will not be flying back with Jet, especially after hearing your horror story!!
Taher (@tahermk_2000) says :
08 Apr 2015 01:33 IST
Terrible ordeal, and if you have enough proof and witness, you can take them to court for not following safety policy and probably broke the laws on crew duty limitations. Speak to a lawyer and start a class action lawsuit by finding out whether your fellow passengers are upto the task Jet Airways needs to sort its shit - worthless airline that degrades the name of Indian customer service on a global level
Amit says :
08 Apr 2015 02:28 IST
Jet is a terrible piece of harassing gang. Particularly from India, their crew and staff is outrageously rude and ruthless. I had to take a flight via Chennai from Delhi to Singapore. In Delhi they kept sending me from one counter to another, while I kept waiting at most of these counters ever again and got delayed as emigration in India also completely dumbfounded. Only after persistent request to the officer there, I managed to get onboard the flight. Only to encounter a similar turmoil at Chennai. It was quite a time and later on, I was on a direct flight from Delhi to Singapore but this time was with our Infant baby. I had an experience with inhumane staff of Jet Airways and Air India before so I decided to come over 3 and half hour earlier. But despite of our infant, these shameless people did the similar thing again. This time it was very very unnerving as we had to wait at a horrendously slow emigration queue with our baby crying. And that's a full stop for these joke of airlines Jet Airways and Air India. Worst piece of crap service. If you have to take it just for some reason - Just keep enough margins of time, and understand that these rude, ruthless hooligans care for no one. NEVER take these flights (Jet Airways and Air India) if you are with Infant or baby.
Anith says :
08 Apr 2015 04:03 IST
The airline business is a gamble and the Indian ones would never get the fact, If you'r not good at the gamble leave the damn table. I'm a resident of Qatar and I love travelling tho i'm currently a student in India. I've traveled in multiple flights within India and across the world. The best conclusion I can put forward is, never expect the same service what a home bound airline can offer rather than a departure one. Or in simple words, if you want to save a buck by going cheap abroad, take your risks along with you.
sironzkar world says :
08 Apr 2015 04:42 IST
Reblogged this on sironzkarworld and commented: This is certainly disturbing...
indian says :
08 Apr 2015 05:20 IST
You have good case take jet to consumer court u should be compensated well.
Brinda V says :
08 Apr 2015 08:59 IST
In reply to indian
Please do take action about this incident. It is too often that customers are getting cheated in various sectors. They are talking advantage and hopefully with competition this situation will get controlled. I have been flying with Emirates for nearly ten years and on the very few instances when there have been issues I have taken up the matter by writing to the customer service department and they have taken heed of the issues very seriously and taken action. Please always note the names of the airline staff you are dealing with when there is a problem or when someone is exceptional as well. By and large Emirates are by and large excellent as customer service is concerned and they know they cannot mess with a customer.
K says :
08 Apr 2015 05:30 IST
Jet Airways has really gone to the dogs! Not just the International sector flights, but also flights in the domestic sectors. Aircrafts are old... staff is the WORST in the business - they almost throw food at you during service and our out right rude! I only ever travelled Jet Airways - NO MORE! Thank god VISTARA is now here as an option, and for all you jet travellers, try it! Its fantastic!
Some more please! says :
08 Apr 2015 05:53 IST
Reblogged this on Some more please.
ravi says :
08 Apr 2015 05:59 IST
This is rather a routine thing on this sector. Even at Delhi airport, the queues are huge since 4-5 Jet flights are scheduled during evening hours and they keep just 3-4 counters open for check-in. This happens during evening hours and one spends up to two hours in the queue. Standard response form the Jet staff is that they are short of people. What a shame!
Aisha Machado says :
08 Apr 2015 06:02 IST
I was not allowed to board the flight at Goa airport along with my sister in law and my 39 day infant by a heartless ground supervisor. Her utterly stupid reason was that Jet would not take responsibility for my infant. After repeatedly telling her I would be responsible for my baby and that I am prepared to sign a declaration, she just went ahead cancelled our tickets promising a refund which till date I never received. The incident took place in November 2014. She further states if you have to go to Mumbai go book any other airline. I made her speak to my paediatrician who confirmed my baby was good to fly. Spice Jet had no issues letting us fly to Mumbai and neither did Air India from Goa to Dubai a few days later. So I fail to understand Jet's rule on flying with infants. So cheap and nasty were her comments even stating that I am a mother and I know how you must be feeling. I feel Jet should be banned. I am sorry to say that the staff had no manners, were utterly rude, merciless and insensitive. Never fly Jet again.
anshuman says :
08 Apr 2015 06:16 IST
Yes, Jet is an ordeal nowadays. We travelled Kolkata to Pune via Mumbai and we were made to wait for more than two hours on the tarmac in Mumbai as they said we are short of pilots. Twice in the recent past, we have reached the airport to be told that the flight is late with no sms sent.
Saravanan says :
08 Apr 2015 06:52 IST
Accidentally booked ticket in Jet airways. Will look for cancelation options. Its scary. Never will travel in Jet Airways.
Sam says :
08 Apr 2015 07:02 IST
Start tweeting at them https://twitter.com/JetAirways with their comments, see when will they budge.
Tweetypie says :
08 Apr 2015 11:12 IST
In reply to Sam
Tweeting is best !
Sohail Khan says :
08 Apr 2015 07:06 IST
My experience with jet is also very bad & shocking, i boarded from London Heathrow night flight to Mumbai., i had not eaten that whole day due to meetings and travel. assuming i will have a good meal in the plane. When dinner was severed on board i requested an extra pack of meal, I was surprised with the air hostess behavior. First she said she will get me an extra pack once all passengers have been severed. I waited and saw every one was served and the crew started collection left overs. I waited patiently watching the air hostess i requested the extra meal pass by me at least 50 times and every time she passed by me i smiled at her making her remember that i am waiting for the extra meal. After running out of patience i called upon her again and asked what happened about my meal as i was still waiting. She replied oh sorry we don't have any extra meal. Her reply made me very angry because she kept me waiting for nearly 1 and half hour and didn't even had the courtesy to inform me that they ran out of food. I knew she was lying. I asked her what if a passenger drops his/her meal by mistake in the plane, would that passenger go hungry all the way because he/she dropped the meal and you don't have an extra meal. She was like yes unfortunately we don't carry extra meal for economy passengers. I found Jet Staff to be extremely rude and discriminating. I showed her my Jet Privilege member card and informed her that i Travel Business every time and due to non availability of seats i was in the economy seat. As soon as she became aware of my travel history things changed and from some where she bought me a packed mean and said this is for you Sir. I was very angry and refused to eat and found their policy insulting to any passenger traveling with them. Since that day i moved on to Emirates and have not traveled with Jet Since then.
suresh m says :
08 Apr 2015 07:39 IST
i have stopped travelling jet airways for a long period of time. very pathetic. they must be sued before the consumer court and pay a hefty fine to each passenger.
sarcasticbeholder says :
08 Apr 2015 08:10 IST
I've been flying Jet internationally for year and thought it was great. Till a few months ago I was supposed to be on a flight from Toronto to India, and at the last minute the flight was cancelled. They were supposed to put me ok a flight with air france and they messed that up. Every time I called they said to call someone else and it kept going till I was finally issued a ticked. I then realized that I was issued the wrong ticked. I was travelling business and was given an economy ticket. I called them back and they said theres nothing they can do and to call the other air line. Going back and forth eventually I was told that the flight is now full. I was then put on stand by with a 3rd airline. At the time I had an injury and needed to be in a wheelchair. However, I was forced to practically run to make my flight on time. Jets service has gone down so much that its sad. Never flying Jet again
shreyas2415 says :
08 Apr 2015 10:43 IST
So Sorry to hear about this! I am really shocked. Till date, I have never had a bad experience with Jet Airways. You can write this to DGCA with sufficient proof of the fact that the crew worked more than 7 hours. I think crew replacement is needed once in 7 hours. Jet Airways announces in the flight about where to complain. I am sure this flight was a Code Shared flight with Etihad Airways. I really don't see a reason why it couldn't land in Abu Dabhi !! Rule of thumb I follow is this, I always prefer to fly Emirates if I need to fly to Dubai or the Gulf. The deal is they would have better tie ups with ground services etc. Most of the bad services happen only in extreme situations like the ones you faced. I understand that it would have been easier to fly to Dubai which was a 25 mins time but they preferred flying to Mumbai which is 3 hrs away. Point is if they flew in to Dubai .. They probably didn't have replacement crew (Trust me they would have to rest in Dubai as per intl. norms) Flying in new crew would have been more delay for the next flight There is no extra charges to be paid for missing a time slot due to a natural calamity Air Arabia got a better response as it was a gulf airline and it may have a good tie up with Muscat At the end, I definitely would tell you, all airlines () everyone without exception are bad to handle extreme situations. I was locked up in an aircraft for 3 hours and was made to go from Jaipur to Delhi by non-AC rickety bus by Kingfisher Airlines in december when temperatures in Delhi NCR is close to 1-2 degrees! I would recommend that you file a complaint with DGCA. I am sure you will win and there would be an enquiry for this. Make sure you have sufficient proof of unsafe things practiced on aircraft (PS= I have seen Jet crew smiling and giggling while giving the safety briefings on domestic flights!! )
Warrier says :
08 Apr 2015 11:37 IST
well I have faced the same thing with Jet flying to Portblair via Chennai...the flight flew to Portblair and turned back saying the weather is not good...when we could see that the weather was as good as it gets down there...on top of it they refused to accommodate us anywhere saying that there is no rule in domestic to accommodate the passengers as the reason was not a fault of theirs...while around the same time a spice jet flight had landed there in Portblair...Its terrible how they treat the passengers for their poor service...but in some sectors there is no option but take their flights...I also have made up my mind to avoid flying with them as much as possible...
Riju says :
08 Apr 2015 12:15 IST
I've had an unfortunate run in with Jet too. My husband I were traveling to Delhi from Bangalore. Our seats were towards the latter half of the plane. Since it was winter, we asked for a blanket - we were told that they had very few, and all the blankets were taken. Next, they came around serving breakfast. My husband was asleep when they approached his seat, but he woke up, when the stewardess was 2 rows behind him. He asked for a non veg breakfast, they said it was over. They offered him a vegetarian meal instead. He said yes - and then they returned saying that there were no more breakfast meals available on the flight. A while later, the air hostess came and offered my husband a sandwich - she said that the Pilot was forgoing his breakfast to feed my husband. My husband politely declined and told the air hostess that he'd rather have a pilot who has eaten steer the craft than a hungry one. The air hostess accepted this and took back the sandwich. What stumped me was - how come there were insufficient meals? they have a count of pax. But anyways - Jet staff appear to live on reflected glory of about 20 years ago.
Beentheredonethat says :
08 Apr 2015 13:08 IST
So everything has gone all wrong, bad service, cheap airline, safety issues...yes, yes - It's all BAD! - Do what you'd do, when you don't like something - "Stop using / doing it again". But wait, that option is not in the hands of the majority - maybe a quick bunch of people could afford that option, but not the actual travel mass. Let me explain: 95% of all travelers (or the 'actual' airline money makers) chose flights based on prices - and airlines that give you "amazing" rates are usually, not very handy with a "curt gun". So if you see and experience some $h1t that you feel should be brought to light, know this - Airlines don't care and will never do, as long as their flying aluminium tubes are filled with meat who love cheap tickets. So if you want that $1 trip, you're gonna have to sit on a bucket, pack some lunch and strap a catheter on, cause the competition on prices is way ahead of the one on service and quality. This airline that you speak of, wouldnt have paid for contingencies like quick refuels, restocks and maintenance at international airports. They can't tell you that and not come off sounding cheap. The staff are underpaid and they don't care where and how people put up their service experience cause they know its never going anywhere. - Mr. Beentheredonethat.
Nikita Vinaykar says :
08 Apr 2015 15:05 IST
Having been experienced of the same kind of service from Bombay staff, this blog has surely given a jolt to the airline as a lot of jet airways crew have been talking about it. I must say that the crew have been impressed with this write up and they completely agree with it. Bombay commercial has always been this rude even to staff travelling on board. Hope this brings some change into the airline.
user says :
08 Apr 2015 16:14 IST
So did you get your money back?
Ishi says :
08 Apr 2015 16:18 IST
I flew to Ranchi from Kolkata just for one day and Jet had a delay of 3 hours. They kept on delaying the flight without any further information. I will avoid this airline next time I am in India. Indigo was far better.
Ather says :
08 Apr 2015 17:16 IST
Fly Emirates!
Amit KOPPALKAR says :
08 Apr 2015 17:42 IST
Dear sajjid mitthaji, I really feel sorry for you as I for one had faced a similar issue but mine was with jet airways partner "Etihad" airways . My experience started on 1.4.2015 . Not only did etihad made we wait at Abu Dhabi airport for 24 hrs without accommodation but when I was put on the next flight to Amsterdam on 2.4.2015 my baggage didn't arrive and till the time of writing it has not arrived . Also the etihad staff at Abu Dhabi were outright discriminate towards me . I just want to put forward my ordeal in writing so that people can avoid these fraud airlines . If anybody can help me out with I ll be more then glad to share my bit with actual staff names . I am also looking at it from the legar perspective . If anybody can help me put my picture on bigger forum my mail id is: amitrk@hotmail.co.in
Apeksha says :
08 Apr 2015 19:25 IST
We faced something similar, here's my story: Me and my friend were due to fly on the JetKonnect flight from mumbai-kozhikode on 8th April at 11 35 am after flying in from ahmedabad early in the morning. We approached the check in counter at 9 45am, we were met by front desk office Ms. Jennifer. At first, she asked us to adjust our luggage. On asking her for seats together, she told us she will try her best. While we were waiting, she never gave us a clear picture on the situation. At 10 05am she told us that there were no seats on the flights as the flight was overbooked, we were asked to wait till 11am. We patiently waited till 11am extending our full cooperation. At 11am she tells us that we were being issued standby boarding passes, incase of no show we would be allowed to fly. Please note that this was after arriving on the airport well before time and having booked our tickets well in advance! We asked to speak to the supervisor in charge, at 11 15am Ms.Leoine came and spoke to us and we explained that this situation is totally unacceptable as we needed to attend our brother's wedding on the very same day at 6 30pm. She said that they would book us to a flight to kochi and give us a compensation of Rs.3000 per passenger. Cochi (Btw...for everyone who isn't aware) is 250 kms away from our destination in kozhikode, which is 4 hrs by road. She informed us that the kochi flight would leave at 1 25pm and arrive at kochi at 3 35pm and we could take a cab thereafter, which we will have to manage on our own.In the mean time, we were told that they have requested other passengers if they could postpone their flights. We refused to accept this as a plausible solution. We then asked to speak to some senior manager. After waiting for 30 mins for the manager to appear, with Noone attending to us in the mean time Mrs.Anamika Rane approached and explained the same option to us again. We refused to budge, they projected the whole situation to us like "take it or leave it". We demanded some higher authorities too look into the same, but in vain.After a lot of discussion, we requested them to atleast pre-book the cab for us at the cochi airport to ensure no further wastage of time! They refused to do that as well saying it's not possible that we have to go there and book ourselves, which we forced to do. We were told that someone would assist us at the kochi airport. Once, we arrived at the kochi airport there was Noone to assist us. Later someone from jetairways appeared and she too was of no help at all, she left us saying she would be back in 30 mins. We managed the cab transport on our own. After lot of traffic and hassles, we reached kozhikode only at pm, ensuring we had missed the whole function! The cab transport cost us Rs.4825 + Rs.80 (toll), leaving us with 495 rupees compensation per pax. Our issue isn't the financial compensation only, jet airways sent 2 women travellers to unsafe and unknown zone to figure their ways around for no mistake of theirs. Your airlines is a big disappointment! We originally live in dubai and are frequent international and domestic travellers, we have never faced such a taxing situation while travelling with any other airline. Your airlines forced us into an unacceptable situation by all standards and subjected us to emotional and physical harassment. Your staff lacks empathy, all they could do was say "they were sorry". We were told IATA allows the airline to overbook each flight by 5-10%, so they cannot help us at all. This leads to another question, so is IATA to be blamed for this harassment. Mumbai-kozhikode has very few flights and overbooking on such routes is completely obnoxious! Please let us know who can we turn to in such situations. I would be approaching the consumer court and all leading domestic and international newspapers and media channels because this is totally unacceptable. Jet Airways, today has lost us as customers for good. We have attached all proofs for our travel. Kindly also note, our friend who was travelling on same flight that once she explained our situation to certain fellow passengers, they told her if informed or asked they would be willing to give up their seats, which leads us to believe that the airline took no effort to try! "Customer is the king" is the principle that is followed by all service oriented industries but I will not say the same for your airlines. You have Zero customer service. I would rephrase the principle for JetAirways "customer is the donkey"
Indraneel says :
08 Apr 2015 20:13 IST
Saddened by this terrible behaviour by their staff. Thanks for posting this. Will never fly Jet now. Have also tweeted them and will spread word among friends to not to fly too.
Vipul Maheshwari says :
08 Apr 2015 23:55 IST
Sad to hear about another victim of "Jet Airways". Guess I and my family now actually got habitual to such treatments with Jet Airways or their staff. Actually it is our consumers problem as we don't have much options. And there is nothing called as Customer service is not India. Flight from Indore to Mumbai takes more than 12 hrs to reach and there is no proper reply by any if the ground staff but yes if you are delayed by 5min, you can be left stranded at the airport even though your delay was due to the police checking in side the airport premises. You are served chicken acres a vegetarian food in spite of asking and informing repeatedly that I am a Hindu Vegetarian. And to add to all these problems the HO offers 2000 Jet miles to compensate. Sorry guys you are normal middle class people and these airlines will keep sacking your blood like parasites because you also don't have an option!!!
akp4u says :
09 Apr 2015 02:34 IST
FALL OF JET AIRWAYS I worked with Jet Airways 9W for 8 years [1998 to 2006]. If hard work meant sacrifice of blood, sweat and personal life, yes we did, all of us. The problem started around 2005 when very good staff working for long donkey’s years with perfection has been ignored when it came to promotions and perks. I accept that not everyone can be promoted or fat pay checks can be a reality because of the bloody bleeding industry, but what about hiring people from nowhere and making them sit on top our head that had no idea about what they were doing. What about those extravagant expenses in the name of new station openings and parties for the top management. All this happened due to a handful of unethical decision makers, who got their own acquaintances recruited and that was the beginning of the end of 9W whom we build to almost perfection. When the Zonal HR Head of an organisation is classless and corrupted, what can you expect the future to be? His recruitment policy was different for Women and Men. Women - Sleep with me and Men - Pay for your appointment letter. The most unfortunate part of the story this skunk is now the Deputy General Manager - Human Resources in Mumbai Head Quarters. All those efforts from the staff from 1993 till 2005 went down to the drains. The Jet-Sahara deal was the most ridiculous take over in the history I guess. Thank God I left by then, otherwise I had to hide my face in public because the deal was a dud right from the start. Sahara management literally made a mockery of those idiots in 9W who thought they have come from Mars to change the face of this airline. I don't believe that the top most management feel very sorry about it and I think it was all planned. The reason why I believe this even a novice in a business school will not take decisions as these nincompoops have taken. There is much more than you can see. Was the degradation of the service a planned one? Let’s low down our service level and lose customers, thy loosing revenue. Then go for a bailout from a rich middle-east airline that was anyway there behind the curtains all the way. Now, it's official. Who cares for the middle and lower management employees along with the blue-collared ones? As long as the handful few corrupt decision makers in the top most level are making money by unlawful and illegal practices, everything is hunky dory.
Madhav says :
09 Apr 2015 03:54 IST
I had a bad experience when yhey charged me 7000rs for 1.5kgs extra on a Mumbai- London flight, I begged them to give my luaggage back so that I could take a heavy wind cheater jacket out n possibly wear it. They were like no, we have already printed the luaggage tags, cant help. They were generous with 46kg limit but with 7k added, it would be pricier than Emirates, Qatar etc.. Added to that we have to pay at a counter almost a km away n counter wont take anything other than INR. Pounds, Foreign or Indian Credit/Debit card, Forex card were NO NO and no ATM, Foreign exchange was nearby. I had to beg money from strangers. Journey too was horrible with air crew who I thought were lazy but later came to know were exhausted as they had only 5hrs of layover. Apparently, the previous days flight was delayed by 13 hrs. Also what I have seen in Foreign airports London, Brussels, Frankfurt Jet seems to get low priority on Landing, Parking spot, Luaggage Carousel -I always use to reason why but nonpayment of fees may be the case. I still travel Jet n AI once in while to promote 'Make in India' patriotism otherwise its always a NO GO.
billo rani says :
09 Apr 2015 11:21 IST
They refunded our fare for Delhi - Chandigarh flights after 5 months! I am not going to choose Jet again. I will prefer Vistara or something like that...Jet sucks
Travelling Ides of March says :
09 Apr 2015 15:42 IST
This is horrific. I experienced a similar one flying domestic from Varanasi-Kolkata. A lot of my co-passengers had international connecting flights and the uncalled for stay in Varanasi resulted in them missing their flights. But it is the attitude and the confidence with which Jet Airways dismissed these issues is my problem. They behave like they don't work in the service industry and worse, have never flown for a holiday. They seamlessly miss the bigger picture and the huge loss, always and seamlessly.
Jayanta says :
10 Apr 2015 09:45 IST
We have better option available guys even to travel to Dubai in the form of Indigo. After good performance in the domestic flights they are flying to and from almost all Indian metropolitans to Dubai. I have already travelled. It's just the same attitude they are following in the International flights as well : Fly on time.
John says :
16 Apr 2015 10:14 IST
Thank you for sharing. Jetairways needs to be defamed as much as possible. It has really become the worst airline now. I booked an afternoon flight to Goa almost 2 months in advance. Few days later I get a notification that my flight timing has been changed. They moved my flight to 04:00 AM & did not even ask for my consent before moving the schedule. I have been chasing the customer care team from past several weeks with absolutely no response. I have taken a vow that I will never fly with Jetairways again (even if it is the cheapest). They need to understand that they cannot play with customers like this. They are really taking people for granted now.
just cause 3 pc cheats says :
04 Aug 2019 15:36 IST
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