La Bottega di Luca – Asia’s finest Italian restaurant

Recently, while in Bangkok, we experienced food cooked by an Italian culinary artist, at a restaurant called La Bottega. The restaurant has won a number of awards, including Bangkok’s best Italian restaurant, however the food we experienced that evening reached out to borders beyond Thailand and represented the best seasonal Italian produce we had ever tasted in Asia.

Both Laveena and I agreed, that La Bottega had got to be, not just Bangkok or Thailand’s, but without a hint of doubt, Asia’s finest Italian restaurant.  Chef Andrea Ortu’s wizardry was effortlessly displayed through an eclectic and exciting menu, reflecting the many magnificent regions and tastes of Italy. Olive oil from Sardinia, Burrata from Puglia and carefully selected wines from different parts of Italy, La Bottega was founded by the multi-talented, effervescent and super friendly Chef Luca Appino. Luca, is famous in Thailand and is known to have had a keen hand in other well known city restaurants like Pizza Masillia, Enoteca and Il Fumo.

Visitors who love their Italian meals,  should not give this Gem a miss.

La Bottega di Luca 


An eclectic Italian menu with only the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy

La Bottega di Luca restaurant

• Location: Google Maps
• Address: sukhumvit soi 49, Building Terrace 49 2nd fl, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
• Hotel website: La Bottega di Luca

My Rating

  • Location: 9/10
  • Food and Cuisine: 9/10
  • Design: 9/10
  • Service: 9/10
  • Overall experience: 9/10

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12 comments on “La Bottega di Luca – Asia’s finest Italian restaurant”

  1. That is quite a high claim. Since the restaurant has not exceeded 9 out of 10 points on your rating system, I have my doubts about it being the best Italian in Asia! However, the food does look and sound delicious.

  2. Asia’s finest Italian restaurant, wow.. The food is looking so delicious and the place too. I like the presentation too. But the rating is not ten out of ten.. Would love to taste food there once ..

  3. La Bottega di Luca looks so good. Must have been a great experience. The food looks so good and yummy. A must try and thanks for sharing.

  4. The place looks exotic! I’m always in for Italian,one of my fav cuisines. Thanks for sharing about this place. Might as well just add to my list of places to visit. After all like you said,not giving this gem a miss!

  5. This restaurant seems
    To be a must visit . So beautifully written and lovely pics. The pics are so tempting to indulge in an amazing Italian fare

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