Lake Vyrnwy Hotel & Spa - a hidden Welsh paradise on earth

While researching the internet, Laveena and I chanced upon one of the best kept secrets in mid Wales. Lake Vyrnwy, offers visitors a chance to escape to a hidden paradise on earth.

We drove through narrow winding country roads, through cattle and sheep grazing spring fields, lush green hills and through tiny villages to reach this picturesque lakeside gem and checked into the Lake Vyrnwy Hall and Spa on the third leg of our drive through Wales.

We had magnificent views of the lake from our private terrace and we almost expected Princess Rapunzell to let down her long golden locks from atop the tower which stood tall and majestic, somewhere along the side of the serene Welsh lake. We did try to enter the tower, but it?s gates were locked when we got there on one of our long evening walks.

The hills of the Berwyn Mountains?where the hotel and spa are located, are dotted with colourful flowers and a vibrant bird population of wood warblers and chaffinches.

We heard pied flycatchers and redstarts, saw dippers nesting by the rocky streams and gleefully watched goosanders bobbing on the water.

We were even lucky to have chanced upon a peregrine, hunting. A lot of the nature we experienced was new to us, however the friendly hotel staff informed us that the heather was nearly in full bloom and the purple areas of moorland served as a great nectar source for the thriving insect population.

Rarely have we had the opportunity of amalgamating so closely with the outdoors like we have at Lake Vyrnwy. Our planet is abundantly sprinkled with miracles and when you do experience them first hand, you realise how perfect everything really is.

12 comments on “Lake Vyrnwy Hotel & Spa - a hidden Welsh paradise on earth”

Razia Mitha says :
14 Jun 2019 12:46 IST
Magical Magnificent Paradise on earth !! Beautifully written so enjoyed the vivid descriptions. Thank you Saj for taking the reader with you on this memorable journey.
Prakhar Kasera says :
23 Jul 2019 03:40 IST
hey, that's such a beautiful place to plan a vacation for. Just perfect for a calm and peaceful time off from the hectic day to day life
jhilmil says :
23 Jul 2019 15:16 IST
How magnificent these views are, truly a hidden gem on the Earth. Loved watching the snippets and that motivated me to explore more about this paradise.
Seema Wadhwa says :
23 Jul 2019 20:05 IST
Reading through your article really made me feel like a part of this paradise on Earth, some beautiful pictures there too!
Amrit kaur says :
23 Jul 2019 20:55 IST
Omg! This is a such a beautiful place. I agree that it is a hidden paradise that everyone need to visit once in lifetime.
Snehal says :
23 Jul 2019 21:21 IST
This looks and sounds like a true paradise! One would like to experience this for a quick de-stress anytime!
Khushboo says :
23 Jul 2019 21:24 IST
Wow all the pictures are superb. Thats a very beautiful place. I would love to visit here sometime.
Mrinal says :
23 Jul 2019 21:40 IST
That's so true... Our planet is absolutely beautiful and miraculous... I loved the pictures... Such greenery and beauty... Would love to visit this place someday!
Nisha says :
23 Jul 2019 23:07 IST
Wow i think I got my next vacation destination. It's so magical. I would love to be here. You gave a wonderful virtual tour of the place. Thanks
Prerna Sinha says :
23 Jul 2019 23:36 IST
All the pictures are so beautiful and amazing. The hotel looks amazing and so spacious. The place is amazing to visit with family and have fun with.
Papri Ganguly says :
24 Jul 2019 02:47 IST
Lovely pictures and detailed write up. Seems like you enjoyed a lot there. I like the place for it's greenery and claimness.
Rajshree says :
24 Jul 2019 14:35 IST
The view from this place is absolutely breathtaking. If I do want to go to this place, how do I make the bookings?


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